Most people have seen the video of a traveling nurse speaking of how bad the facilities at University Medical Center are.

Well, things apparently aren't as bad as that nurse would make it seem. Inspectors with Texas Health and Human Services popped in for an unannounced visit, and said they found no violations. According to Mike Mielke, the head of UMC's public affairs office:

Unfortunately, the views expressed by this travel nurse who worked briefly at our hospital caused many people in our community and media to rush to judgement about the accuracy of what was being expressed.

It was troubling when the travel nurse, Lawanna Rivers, made a video talking about how the UMC facilities and staff weren't up to par with other places she had worked. Especially with the amount of new cases and deaths that were being announced daily. Does this mean everything is okay now? No. But it appears UMC isn't as bad as some might have thought.

The numbers have started to trend in the right direction though in the Border Land. We were averaging up around 1,500 new cases every day. That is now down around 400 to 500. This is far from over, but it looks like we're trending in the right direction. Of course we'll really know what's going on in a week or so when we see if Thanksgiving caused a spike or not. Please, just follow these simple guidelines:

  • Wash your hands
  • Wear a mask
  • Keep your distance


Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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