Halloween is here and The Borderland is looking quite spooky.  THESE guys went nuts with their home decorating project though!

They rigged up a ton of lights, a few props, a castle "front" and ... just for good measure ... an inflatable T-Rex!  Toss in a killer sound system, throw on some Ozzy and voila!  Instant home decorating insanity!!

I haven't seen anyone go THIS overboard with their Halloween decorations around the El Paso area.  Not yet anyway...

(Don't worry though.  As we get closer to Christmas, I'm sure we can count on Fred Loya to light up his house ... make that neighborhood ... with his yearly display/TSO tribute on the east side!)

The KLAQ Haunted Warehouse is pretty over the top also, visit the "Mansion Of Death in 3D" while you still can.

Tonight is the last night and, if you have KLAQ on your body/costume somewhere, you can go through for only $10!!