The University of Tennessee won big over the weekend and now they're in trouble.

They're not in trouble for winning, it was the events that transpired after the win that has them out of the fire and into the frying pan.

After their nail-biting win against Alabama on Saturday, tons of fans rushed the field and then proceeded to grab the goalpost (how?!) and then carried out of Neyland Stadium and threw the entire goalpost into the Tennessee River!

It was all fun and games, and then they were hit with a $100K fine- to which they decided to ask for help paying for:

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So they're asking fans to pay for it despite the University of Tennessee President, Randy Boyd, saying it doesn't matter how much it cost?

It looks like the athletic department is taking it in stride, and I'm sure the goalposts will be replaced by the next game.

However, this reminded our very own Steve Kaplowitz about the time UTEP fans did the same thing; except UTEP fans didn't throw the goalpost over into the Rio Grande! They did however throw it over the Sun Bowl. I knew I needed to see footage of this and I found it! Check it out below:

They really make it look like it's super easy to take down a goalpost, right?

I'm not entirely sure what the outcome of this was- who paid for the replacement? Was UTEP fined like Tennessee? If you were there that night, let us know in our App Chat!

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