If you were one of the people who didn't attend Speaking Rock Entertainment Center to see Incubus shame on you! It was a damn good show and also tended to El Paso in such a unique way.

There were so many people who attended this free show on Friday at Speaking Rock Entertainment Center. It was so full that EVERY SINGLE beer line was about an hour or longer wait. There were a lot of people who ordered 8 beers to spare getting back in that long line. Brandon Boyd definitely won ALL of us over when he would let his bilingual side come out! After finishing a song Brandon Boyd would say Gracias which is thank you in Spanish. Another cool thing about their concert is Brandon would put the mic out for us to sing along with him! If you didn't get to see them you can always watch a few of their songs on YouTube. Please excuse the dude towards the end getting right in the way during the recording. Don't forget about Shinedown returning to El Paso for a free concert at Speaking Rock Entertainment Center!

Incubus was definitely worth the long waiting to escape hour-long traffic on Zaragoza!

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