Sure, lots of people photograph dangerous animals but, this guy gets his pics the hard way!!!

Jim Abernethy is a photographer and, I believe, he's lost his freakin' mind.  He decided he wanted some photos of alligators in the wild. Wandering around their swampy hoods, doing alligator stuff, taking care of alligator business ... the usual.

He also wanted closeups but, sedating the gators or using zoom lenses was too easy.  He actually walked up on, swam with and/or crawled next to these overgrown lizards! He gave them nicknames like "Fluffy" to take his mind off the fact that he himself could be renamed "dinner" at any point in his pursuit of these critters. (Or "Lefty" ... "Stumpy" perrhaps.)

He waved his arms over the gators to get them to open their mouths for some of his pics and bumped them with his camera lens when they got too close.  (Unless my cameras attached to a rocket launcher, anywhere within sight is too close for me!)

Check out this amazing video of Jim going after his prey.  While they decide whether or not to go after theirs ... aka Jim!


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