The Tulsa World has lifted the lid on a very interesting series of e-mails, both to and from University of Oklahoma President David Boren and OU Athletic Director Joe Castiglione.

Through the state’s open records act, the unearthed e-mails reveal some of the jockeying for position that has been going on inside and outside of the Big XII. Check it out right here.

Some of the interesting stuff:

* San Diego State Assistant AD Jenny Bramer touting the Aztecs as a possible Big XII expansion target to Castiglione (Page 11 — everyone hates BYU!).

* The nasty missives by upset fans (too many to be specific).

* Texas A&M President R. Bowen Loftin seeing Texas Longhorns and ESPN scheming for the benefit of The Longhorn Network at every turn (Page 10).

* Begging, wheedling and pleading from SMU president R. Gerald Turner, who actually went to the Dallas Morning-News to talk about why the Ponies should join the Big XII (Pages 38-39).

* One of the most incredible jobs of butt-kissing that ever laid on a human being that wasn’t actually foreplay — in this instance, to Boren — by Baylor school president and former Bill Clinton albatross, Kenneth Starr (Page 170).

Starr’s middle initial must be “L” for lambión!


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