The audience at last night’s (Feb. 9) Albuquerque, N.M., stop on the In Flames and Trivium tour missed out on seeing the full experience, due to a bomb threat that forced In Flames to cut their set short before completing their final song of the show.

In fact, according to members of the band who described the incident on Twitter, the Albuquerque police showed up and ended the concert just as In Flames was about to launch into a performance of ‘Take This Life’ (it’s hard to tell whether the band name or the song title is more ironic for something like this). The band was understandably baffled, tweeting, “We are here to entertain. WTF?!?!”

Guitarist Niclas Engelin added via his Twitter page, ‘We had to cancel the last song due to bomb threat…..what the f—, we are here to spread our gospel of metal!!’

The Swedish metal band is currently touring the States in support of its 10th album, ‘Sounds of a Playground Fading,’ which debuted in the Billboard Top 30. The album’s latest single, ‘Where the Dead Ships Dwell,’ includes three different remixes of the track, including a drum-and-bass version, one featuring a German rapper, and one with vocals from Kristof Bathory of Dawn of Ashes. Check out a recent interview with bassist Peter Iwers below:

Video interview with Peter Iwers of In Flames

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