In Flames‘ co-headlining tour with Trivium, featuring support from Veil of Maya and Kyng, recently wrapped up. But we had a chance to catch up with In Flames singer Anders Friden during the trek’s stop in New York to talk all about life on the road with these three bands.

Friden described his relationship with Trivium as “great.” He went on to say, “We toured in 2006 already and both bands were in a different state of mind and now we all have grown to love each other; we have such a good time with those guys, it’s so much fun.”

The In Flames frontman adds, “Our crew works great with their crew and it just makes everything so easy. You’re in a little bubble when you’re out there touring and it’s great to have people you have fun with. There’s no competition, nothing at all, the other two bands as well — Kyng and Veil of Maya — it runs really smooth.”

“[Kyng] drive around in a van but there’s an open door all the time for them coming into our bus to hang out and steal our beers.” [Laughs]

Stay tuned for our full interview with Anders Friden and check out our concert review and photo gallery of the tour’s stop in New York City at the Best Buy Theater.

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