Delicious news for foodie fans living in the Northeast. You're getting another restaurant in your neck of the woods.

As El Paso continues to expand, you see many new neighborhoods popping up on the east, west, and northeast sides of town. These neighborhoods are bringing more people to new areas of the cities and need businesses to cater to these residents.

Northeast El Paso isn't known for having the best parts of the city which is an awful stereotype for such an eclectic portion of the city. But as the Northeast part of El Paso continues to grow, we're seeing more people give this hidden gem a chance.

As more people move into the Northeast, more businesses are also giving the Northeast a chance including corporate spots. If you live in Northeast El Paso, you'll be happy to know one of the most popular restaurant chains in the country is finally setting up roots in the area.

According to a post in the Foodies Group of El Paso, a new Olive Garden location will be opening up in Northeast El Paso soon. The post shows building plans for a new location on the corner of Woodrow Bean and Kenworthy, at 4800 Woodrow Bean Drive. According to the screenshot, the building plans first show up in the neighborhood social media site NextDoor.

No word on when we could see the new Olive Garden location opening up, we're excited for when it doesn. Because when you're there, you're family.

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