A new "micro" generation has been named and, if you were born between 1977 and 1983, you're in it.

Xennials is the term for those born in that time frame. You're too young to be a true Generation X-er but, you don't really fit the mold of the Millenials either. It's only a 7-year stretch but, you're on the end lap of Generation X so, while you didn't grow up with smartphones, DVR's and other electronic goodies, you saw them arrive and adapted to them quickly. (Unlike some Gen X-ers who STILL can't use smartphones properly.)

Millennials came into the world with all this stuff already in hand and have never known the agony of a busy signal, have no idea what a cassette tape is and don't understand having only one chance to watch a tv show. Most of them can't drive a standard or write in cursive either so, (some of) you Xennials have the upper hand there too.

That makes you guys unique and special enough to warrant your very own generational title. Congrat's Xennials ... you have arrived!!

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