If you are a Samsung Galaxy owner like I am, yes, that's right, I'm team Android not iPhone, then you probably woke up to some weird notifications. I don't mean your Bumble or Hinge notifications, I mean one directly from your phone. If you noticed a weird "1" stacked on top of another "1" from the "Find My Mobile" app. No other information, just a 1 and a 1. It may have looked like this.

Immediate panic set in to many Samsung owners, the panic for me set in a bit late because when I woke up it was 3 in the morning and I was still kind of groggy so I just kind of just cleared all my notifications. It wasn't until later that I realized "Wait, why would the app notify me?!" After some quick research, Samsung users let out a collective sigh of relief as Samsung took to Twitter to let us know it was just a "test."

Thanks, for that, but I think we can all agree we thought we were hacked. Not that I have anything bad on my phone, whoever hacks it will have to deal with the fact that all I got are pictures of my cats with sunglasses. 

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