March 2021 has arrived. If I'm being completely honest, I'm still trying to process March 2020. We're coming up on one year that the pandemic officially hit El Paso and somehow time flew yet it also dragged.

I remember the beginning of the pandemic where everyone, well, mostly everyone, was excited to do their part to "stop the spread". It felt as we if we were "all in this together", as the former President said. So everyone stayed home, watched some "Tiger King" and downloaded TikTok.

I definitely downloaded TikTok at the start of the pandemic. At first, I felt like I was too old for it, but then, I became addicted. With so many people joining TikTok, it seemed like trends popped up almost every day. Everyone was dancing to "Say So" from Doja Cat.

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People were using the song "death bed (coffee for your head)" as way to show their quarantine routines:

Everyone learned the easiest TikTok dance.

Some shared how bored quarantine was making them- which spawned this perfect quaran-tune.


Overall, many users were sharing to the world how they were handling quarantine.

It was all fun and games. Then, the pandemic continued with what seemed like no end in sight. Here we are, one year later and seeing all those old TikTok trends feels like a distant memory.

It's really hard to believe that those trends and songs were just from a year ago! Now, a new trend has emerged on TikTok using all those former popular songs. In this new trend, you rewind to March 2020, when you first downloaded TikTok for quarantine and scroll through the many trends.

Hearing all of them mashed up makes me feel weirdly nostalgic for that time. Last March, despite being bummed that I wasn't going to Disneyland for spring break, I was still hopeful that we were going to beat this by April or May. It didn't happen and now everyone is feeling some sort of PTSD hearing all these tunes in one.

What do you think of when you hear these songs?



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