Even though El Paso has mountains, we can still have a tornado touchdown just like in Alamogordo. Earlier this month Alamogordo had an EF1 tornado that caused quite some damage. I always thought that having our big glorious Franklin Mountains meant no tornados. But according to National Weather Service, they said regardless of mountains a tornado can still hit.

You may have been thinking oh it is just high winds but in reality, it actually was an EF1 tornado. The Meteorologists could identify it as a tornado was by how the branches of the tree were cut. You can tell a tornado hit by how the tree branches were snapped in opposite directions. Usually, when you see that, it means that high winds were circling in a funnel.

I always grew up thinking El Paso could never experience a tornado because of our Mountains, but scratch that! This kind of news is scary because a tornado can hit El Paso, but where are our outdoor warning sirens? I have not seen any around the area I am usually by near my job and home. But cities have their own reasons for deciding to skip on having outdoor warning sirens. After the news in Alamogordo, New Mexico, do you think that El Paso should have outdoor warning sirens? Leave your two cents below!

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