I am a vodka drinker. Whiskey gives me heartburn. Gin is gross. Tequila turns me into a fighter. I don't even know what bourbon is, but, vodka, that's my sweet spot. It's very versatile (bloody Mary, Cape Cod, Cosmopolitan, Moscow Mule, etc.) it can be mixed with just about anything and it doesn't leave me dying the next day. It took me awhile (and a few hangovers) to find the liquor that agreed best with me and for me it's vodka. One thing I do not like? Room temperature vodka. Which is why I store my vodka in the freezer, but apparently that's completely wrong!

The creator of Grey Goose, Francois Thibault, recently told Business Insider that storing vodka in the freezer is all kinds of wrong! Well, actually it can depend on the kind of vodka you're getting. Thibault says that if you're buying premium vodka like Grey Goose storing it at a low temperature would just hide the "sophisticated aromas and flavors." However, if you're buying a cheap vodka (no shame/judgement) he suggests storing that in the freezer to allow it to hide the "aggressive, burning notes." According to Thibault, when using a premium vodka, even room temperature can be a bit aggressive, the temperature you want is the one achieved by diluting it with ice in a mixing glass. So, I guess ice is the way to go from now on!