Remember the good old days of MySpace? Everyone remembers their first friend, Tom, who ended up selling MySpace and now lives in Hawaii living the good life as a travel photographer. Nothing could compare to the feeling you got when you logged on to MySpace and had the notifications that read: "New Messages", "New Friend Requests", "New Comments", "New Photo Comments"!

Long before the days of Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and Facebook, MySpace ruled the world of social media. MySpace was so popular, but also such a time suck. Think of all the hours we spent learning HTML codes to customize our profiles and also where we spent countless hours trying to figure out the perfect song to put on our profile and the perfect order to our Top 8. To this day, I wish Facebook or Instagram would let us put songs on our profiles, and let us stack our friends in a Top 8 just so they know where they stand.

MySpace was such a distraction that it was banned in my high school; however, many people would find ways around it. Then, suddenly, the MySpace hype faded away, and Facebook ruled. No more fancy layouts, no more profile songs and no more Top 8. MySpace faded away into the abyss.

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I've been feeling nostalgic lately and decided to log onto MySpace the other day. I encountered a few problems along the way. First, I forgot my email and password. Then, it turned out that the email I used to sign up with no loner existed! So, I sent MySpace a request. If that happens to you, I can tell you that MySpace support will totally help you out.

I was given a new password and logged onto my MySpace for the first time in years! And this is what it looked like:

MySpace Joanna

I couldn't figure out how to look at my profile, but eventually I did and it looked exactly like it does above. I know for a fact, that is not what my profile looked like the last time I saw it!

It was a bit hard to navigate, but some of the things I noticed? No bulletins. Remember bulletins? Where you would take a survey of some sort and post it! All the old pictures I had are gone and a majority of my friends aren't even there anymore.

So, is it worth it? Maybe, just so you can see what it looks like now, but I didn't stick around for long- I'm sure if it looked like old school MySpace, I would have been busy customizing my profile right now, instead of here writing this.


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