I’ve mentioned before that I’ve never seen a movie in the Fast and Furious franchise. Well, that is no longer true. I took my nephew to go see Hobbs and Shaw which, according to IMDB, is the NINTH movie in the FAF franchise.

NINE MOVIES, and I never knew that The Fast and Furious takes place in a Superhero universe…similar, but separate from the MCU and the DCU.

Yep, I might have been more likely to see a F and F movie earlier if I’d known that the main characters are actually superhuman. From what I was able to gather, the new villain (played by Idris Elba) is EXPLICITLEY a superhuman who gets his powers from scientific modifications to his body. So, essentially, he’s Captain America. But, apparently, the other characters also have super-capabilities, even if it’s not explicitly stated. For example, in one scene Hobbs or Shaw (whichever one The Rock is) falls from a height of at least ten stories and crashes through the roof of a car. He’s not killed on impact, though. In fact, he doesn’t even limp when he gets up and continues the action. Similarly, later in the movie Hobbs or Shaw (whichever one Jason Statham is) is fighting Idris Elba. Remember, Idris Elba’s character is the one who basically has the same powers as Captain America. Captain Elba, using his superhuman strength, lifts a giant canister that looks like it weighs at least 200 pounds and he hits Jason Statham with it full-force. Statham’s character’s bones aren’t pounded to dust. He just shakes his head, juts out his heroic, lantern-jaw and is immediately back in the slugfest. Against the superhumanly gifted villain. It only stands to reason that these characters are also super-powered. Maybe they’re mutants with amazingly fast healing powers like Deadpool. Maybe they’ve had super-strong metal grafted onto their skeletons like Wolverine.

Whatever it is, it’s the only way this movie makes any G---D--- sense. At all.

Also, Jason-Hobbs-or-Shaw-Statham has a sister who, in flashbacks, is roughly his same age but is, in non-flashbacks, CLEARLY 20 years younger than him. So, either she doesn’t age as fast (like Thor) or Statham’s character ages really, really fast. The only movie analog I can think of for that “power” would be Jack from Robin Williams “Jack”. I don’t see how that would come in handy fighting super-villains, though. Like I say, a lot of this makes no sense.

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