Facebook, you let me down again ...

Yes, I admit it ... I'm helpless without Facebook. It tells me about upcoming concerts, reminds me of friend and family birthdays, let's me know how long my friends and family have been my friends and family and so much more. Every now and then though, it forgets to tell me something. Like that yesterday was National Hug A Musician Day.

To be fair, I did get a reminder but it was a day late. (Note to Facebook: If you're going to remind me of important things, please do so in a timely manner.)  Anyway, much love to all the Loco Locos and to all my national band peeps as well. You all deserve it and thank you so much for all the music. It's a day late but, that just means I .. and anyone else that spaced this important day ... will have to hug you a little tighter today

The bottom line is; I owe all my musician brothers and sisters a hug. Come get 'em, ya'll!!

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