Ever since the video of a dog-walker scaring off some youthful pot smokers went viral, El Pasoans have been going off on her. I think marijuana should be decriminalized but I’m also very much in agreement with “Cannabis Karen”.

In the video, the lady can be seen telling the smokers that a.) she could smell the weed and b.) she would give them two minutes to clear out before calling the police.

The mocking of this woman has been merciless.

This is funny as hell.. Lady must think it's still the 80's. Do some research and stop judging people.

fuxk u karen those "drugs" kure depression, anxiety,adhd, even Mental shii lMaooo

They should be able to do whatever they want to think about it most kids ain’t even listen to their parents anymore so minus well let them be

Here’s the video from FitFam. Afterwards, I’ll tell you why I agree with her.

Here’s why, although I’m pro-legalization, I believe this lady deserves a pat on the back instead of what she’s getting on-line.

1.) She’s right to be concerned about young people smoking pot.

Although the stigma of marijuana has probably been exaggerated over the years (see “Reefer Madness”) there is still plenty of evidence that suggests it’s more harmful for children than for adults. At issue is the effects of cannabis on the DEVELOPING brain. There’s enough concerning data that, before the brain is fully developed, marijuana can affect long-term brain function, IQ and the ability to learn and retain information. The human brain is not fully developed until the mid-20s so the concern isn’t just for the smaller children shown in the video. The older smokers, even if they’re over 21, are running a risk by smoking marijuana.

Best case scenario: the jury is still out but most medical authorities and ALL regulatory bodies say kids should NOT be smoking marijuana.

2.) Some of those kids look VERY young.

Some of those kids look like they could be elementary school age. She’s right. EVERYTHING about smoking around kids that young is wrong. The second hand smoke, the example it sets, even the fact that it’s still very illegal…it all adds up to putting these littler kids at serious risk. So, even though I believe adults should make their own decisions about marijuana, I’m 100% on the side of “Karen”. If anything, I’m MORE concerned. Those littler kids look SO young, I think the police SHOULD look into it. If nothing else, to make sure the kids aren’t being neglected at home and that a parent or adult guardian is at least AWARE of what their kids are seeing.

3.) She gave them 2 minutes to clear out.

That seems MORE than fair to me.

4.) She knows what marijuana smells like.

That indicates to me that “Karen” knows of what she speaks. Maybe she had been in the same position as those kids. She’s at least been to a rock concert or a Pink Floyd laser light show. The point is, she’s not “clueless” or “ignorant” like the people mocking her claim.

So, good for you, Cannabis Karen! Long may you narc!

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