I have officially finished watching "Manifest". The show has been pushed on me for several weeks now, and it had been Netflix's number one show for a while now. I finally gave in during fourth of July weekend and decided to watch it. I was not prepared for the emotional journey I was about to embark on!

Without giving too much away, I think this season one trailer does a great job at explaining the premise:

From what Buzz and Lisa tell me, it's very much like "Lost". I never saw that show, but I hear it didn't end well.

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I was hooked from that first episode! The next thing I knew I had finished the first season. Then the second season began and it had more twists and turns. But then I got to the third season. It didn't go well.

While I had gone through the first two seasons within days, I was struggling to get through the third season. I had to restart an episode three times before I could catch on. But, I finally finished it. I could understand how it got cancelled- that third season was rough! Now that it's over, I have more questions and I'm convinced we need a proper ending!

The showrunner had originally planned for six seasons of the show, but since it got cancelled at season three- he'd been lobbying to see if another network could give it the three seasons he wanted. It wasn't so simple. Now, he has hopes of a "Manifest" movie- to wrap it all up, which I am all for! Yes, that third season was rough, and left more questions that it gave answers, but I think that a movie would be perfect to wrap up the story and to see what happens to the 191 souls!

Plus, I'd really love to see all the actors return and see who gets a calling next!

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