If you've never seen HBO's hit series "We're Here" I wouldn't blame you. The show isn't for everyone, but it's definitely on my list to watch every time a new episode comes out.

In the show, three drag queens, Shangela, Eureka O'Hara and Bob the Drag Queen,  recruit and train small-town residents to participate in a one-night-only drag performance. In the process, the queens and the small town participants learn a little more about each other, and how maybe they have more in common than they believed. It's a very heartwarming show, and the looks? Honey, they are fabulous!

In the most recent episode, the queens travel to Del Rio, Texas. Del Rio, of course, has been in the news lately for the migrant issue at their border. But that's not why the queens were there this past Pride Month. In this episode, the queens celebrate gay-identifying mayor Bruno Lozano's positive impact on the community, Joey's identity quest, and Esael's coming out journey.

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Shangela takes charge of Del Rio mayor Lozano who, according to the City website, made history as the youngest elected mayor in Del Rio at age 35 in 2018, and the first openly gay mayor and elected official in Val Verde County. At the finale, Mayor Lozano and Shangela did their final performance and it was an amazing Selena tribute.

It looked great, right?

As fabulous as it looked, I'm pretty sure Mayor Leeser could do an even better drag performance! He doesn't even have to do a Selena drag performance, I see him more as a Cher to be honest, but I bet with the right mentor and the right contouring, Mayor Leeser could rock the hell out of a Cher performance!

Petiton to get Mayor Leeser to do a drag performance! Especially since "A Drag Queen Christmas" is coming to town! This is the perfect opportunity!

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