In case you were planning on taking the freeway tonight, this is an area you're going to want to avoid. There have always been road closures and construction headaches happening in El Paso, especially at night. Now, there is another headache popping up this evening that people should be aware of before they head out this evening.

Tonight from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m., I-10 will be closed in both directions at the 54 aka the Spaghetti Bowl. The ramp that connects northbound US 54 to eastbound I-10 will be CLOSED. The ramp that connects Gateway Boulevard West to westbound I-10 will be CLOSED. Freeway traffic for I-10 will take Exit 22B and travel north to the Pershing Drive exit and use the Pershing Drive turnaround. From there, traffic will enter southbound US 54 and re-enter I-10 east, west or head to Juarez. These closures can begin up to an hour earlier and can also end early as well. The Texas Department of Transportation will keep the public updated on all changes to this work schedule. Please follow the TXDOT Twitter for more information.

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