Summer in the Sun City can be hot, especially if you're stuck working outside or in and out of a vehicle all day. Here some ways you can say thanks.

The summer heat can be brutal for many people in the Borderland, but it can be worse for people who have to work outdoors. Landscapers, construction workers, delivery drivers, and more all spend a good portion of their day working outdoors in the summer sun and heat. The conditions can be brutal but they're still able to get their job done despite the obstacles.

If you're lucky enough to work indoors, you may not realize how intense the conditions can be working outdoors for someone. The sun's beating down on you, if it's humid it's even worse, and even if you work with a vehicle you still need to be in and out of the elements.

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Last year during the pandemic many Americans took the time to say thank you to their delivery drivers who were still out there working every day despite so many cities being in lockdown. The country is opening back up, and these workers are still out there doing their jobs day in and day out. As the weather continues to get hotter, it's the perfect time to say thank you to those workers.

One of the best ways to say thank you is with drinks like water, gatorade, sodas, or juice would be a refreshing treat for them to enjoy. You can also supply these workers with some snack options like chips, cookies, snack bags, and more. Just grab a bucket or basket, leave a little note letting them know they can take what they need and see the smile the workers will get knowing that you're thinking of them.

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