You drive down a street and suddenly a bunch of boneheads with signs surround your car. It's a situation that seems to happen a lot these days so, what do you do?

Most states have protective laws regarding the use of deadly force but, that doesn't mean you can just start popping these idiotic "protestors".  An article on the subject was recently posted by  You can read the entire article here but, the basics are:

  • Turn around and leave. No s*** right? That may not be possible if a mob surrounds your car though so ....
  • Call 911. There may already be cops there but, that doesn't mean they'll help you. If it's a large mob, and the cops have no riot gear, they're waiting for help too.
  • Try to drive away slowly. Only if they begin to attack your car though. Have passengers lie on the back seat floor and cover them with something if possible.
  • Keep going. If you do have to hit someone, keep going until you reach a safe place. Then, stop to call the police. (Several states are considering bills to protect drivers.)
  • Capture the moment on film. Get pictures and/or video as you escape. This can help you later in court if you're accused of hurting or killing someone in your attempt.
  • If you have a gun, be careful with it.  You must establish a genuine fear for your life before you shoot/kill someone. Blocked highways may not be seen as a threat. A mob attacking your car, breaking glass or a fire near the vehicle probably will be.

If shooting becomes necessary, make sure you're prepared. Flying glass can cause injuries and sudden, loud noises can be disorienting. Finally, be sure you and your passengers are prepared ... and able ... to move fast afterward!

Fleeing the vehicle and entering the mob, mind you, is the most dangerous option and should be the absolute LAST resort.