If you have a License To Carry, you need to follow a certain protocol if you get stopped while armed.

If you're stopped while carrying, you must inform the officer if you're armed. Blurting out "I have a gun" though is definitely NOT the way to do it. Here's what I was taught to do:

  • First, obviously, find a safe spot and pull over.
  • Keep your hands on the wheel and don't fidget around looking for stuff.
  • When asked for your ID, hand the officer BOTH your driver license AND your license to carry.

There, step 3 just told him that you may be armed without you saying a word.

  • The cop then has 3 options. 1) Do nothing. 2) Ask you to step out of the car, leaving the weapon behind. Or, 3), he may ask to hold the weapon himself.

Either way, you must do as instructed. Unless you have other issues, (warrants, expired permit, someone bound and gagged in the trunk, etc), you'll get it back in a few minutes.

If you want a license, or need to renew one, there are several places around El Paso to go. Sportsman's Elite, El Paso Concealed Carry and El Paso CHL just to name a few. Tactical Ranch also offers classes as well as additional courses that teach you things far beyond basic "carry" courses.

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