The COVID-19 pandemic has hit people hard all across the globe. People have lost jobs and have struggled to keep up with their bills. There are some options out there to help with your bills if you are in need. Someone recently jumped on Reddit ask about rent assistance in El Paso.

Anyone had luck getting rent assistance? I'm a stay at home mom and have a one year old. My husband had trouble finding jobs during this pandemic and we are behind on rent and may be facing eviction. Please and thank you.

Someone responded with a couple of links to get some help.

If you live in the county, use THIS LINK.

If you live in the city, use THIS LINK.

Someone else did comment that they did have luck getting the assistance, but they weren't the person who called for the assistance. The owner of the property had to make the calls and request the assistance. Directly from the city's link above, they describe it as:

The City of El Paso has approved $10 million in federal funds for a Rental Assistance Program which will help residential tenants in the City of El Paso who are behind in paying their rent and are at risk of eviction because of a direct economic impact of COVID-19.

Eligible landlords may apply for up to 3 months of past due rent per eligible tenant up to $1,000 per month in accordance with the terms and conditions of the program.

The county site isn't as cut and dry but the gist of what they require is proof of loss of income due to COVID-19 and you have to meet 150%of Federal Poverty Level.

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