I was five years old when I discovered rock n roll, and that memory has never left me. Everybody has a first time for everything but this obsession has become a career, my favorite so far!

The power music has is one of the most insane feelings you could ever open yourself up to spiritually. I'm not sure why rock music has plagued me the way it has I guess it was destiny! Being the person I have become I couldn't even imagine my life any different. Van Halen back in 1979 was my drug of choice, well at least back then! The album that turned me into a rock n roll addict was their, Women And Children First album. What a memory, what a great time to have discovered it.

Whether you like or just don't get that into music, rock n roll has never turned anyone away unless they did it themselves. With all the great things life has to offer what age were you when you discovered your rock?