If you're going to give out candy tonight, Im sure you're like me and hate it when the high school kids slap together mediocre costumes and run around demanding your best candy.  So what age should you MAKE your kid stop?

There was a survey done and the most popular answer for the age when kids should stop trick-or-treating is 13.  And the most popular age when you should START taking your kids trick-or-treating is age three.

Buzz and Duke thought that the right age when kids should stop trick-or-treating should around be 12. Teresa said that it was 13.  I on the other hand, am realistic and know that kids are not going to stop in El Paso because of two things.

1. The costumes that you can get these days are so good that teenagers want to wear them.

2. Teenagers still want to go out and get FREE CANDY!

So, when you're giving away candy tonight don't get mad at the teenagers with the weak costumes, at least they're trying.  After all, teenagers can't afford to spend $200 bucks to get the authentic Bane costume and then spend another hundred bucks so their woman can get that slutty costume that she's been dieting for weeks to wear.

I've realized that this is something that I can't control. I'll give them some candy...but not the good candy, that's for the little kids.

And don't get me started on our neighbors from Juarez that come over to bring their kids to trick-or-treat.  They don't care about how old you are, they just want free candy. You'll be lucky if they wear a damn costume...just as we depicted in one off our Real El Paso moments: