parrot cages do not make good shark cages

Here in El Chuco, we're used to just rigging things up.  Sometimes though, that's not so smart!

My Dad (yours too if he grew up in El Paso) taught me to reuse things, fix rather than replace and when all else failed, improvise!

It's amazing what you can do with duct tape, string and little blocks of wood. (Not to mention how often hammers and screwdrivers can do the job of other, more expensive tools!) Some things though, you really shouldn't trust yourself to design.  Like parachutes, condoms ... and shark cages.

2 brothers filming a commercial can vouch for that. They use an old parrot cage to be funny but, then a real shark shows up!   As a shark cage, it turns out they don't work well. As something  to hit the shark on the head with, they're awesome.

Throw in some "screaming like a little girl" and voila, you get to keep all your appendages!

(Careful, language is NSFW)

Want a look behind the scenes of this near fatality?

OK, here you go!

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