The Super Bowl was just over a week ago and a couple pieces of the memorabilia had gone missing. One of them has been located. That's the ball that James White was carrying for the game winning touchdown. Apparently the Patriots equipment staff was quick to grab the ball and had it locked away right after the game. Tom Brady's jersey? Still missing.

Of course the Patriots did always know where the Lombardi Trophy was. Even if Gronk almost dropped it after the victory parade.

Video courtesy of CBS Boston.

Of course, there have been incidents with sports trophies. Including this one, when Real Madrid won a title, and Sergio Ramos shows why soccer players only play with their feet.

Video courtesy of CBS.

Now, how much do the trophies actually cost. Well according to the USA Today, here are what some major trophies are worth.

  • The Lombardi Trophy (NFL) - $2,000
  • The Larry O'Brien Trophy (NBA) - $13,500
  • The World Series Trophy (MLB) - $18,615
  • The Stanley Cup (NHL) - $23,478

Now all those cost a pretty penny. But they don't even come close to the World Cup. You know, the trophy that's given out every four years when American's pretend to like soccer? Considering it weighs 13 and a half pounds, and is made of 18-karat gold, it's worth...

$20 MILLION!!!!

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