KLAQ wants to send you to Phoenix to see Metallica but it's not the first time The Q has sent peeps packin'.

KLAQ recently gave away the Metallica Double Dip Road Trip. A trip to see Metallica perform TWICE, hotel and gas money.

This isn't the first time The Q has sent our listeners on cool, "rockin' road trips" though.

I've lost track of how many times we've given away trips to see concerts but I remember the ones that I escorted the winners on.

Most of them anyway, the partying got pretty fierce on those things. Here are a few stories.

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Another Phoenix trip was also to see Metallica with Godsmack. I drove the winners up in the KLAQ Hummer.

The winner and his guest were a lot of fun and we had a great time but my favorite memory is of a misunderstanding that led to his guest getting a "unique" nickname.

It involved a body part and that's all I'm saying. If she wants to share it with the world in the comments, that's up to her.

Las Rageous Music Festival - Day 1
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Another "Rockin' Road Trip" involved several winners ... a busload to be exact. We chartered a passenger bus and, with Magic Mike and I as chaperones, drove everyone on a crazy trip to a highly secured area near Socorro, New Mexico.

Being that Magic and I were "in charge", we loaded a keg on board and the winners, 30 or 40 in all, also brought their favorite goodies.

It was a private concert by Queensryche at an area known as the VLA.

That's where the government is "listening" for UFO chatter. You can see it, briefly, in the opening credits of "Independence Day".

Queensryche killed it for us and other winners from around the country. We never did the bus thing again though as that rolling party got KLAQ banned from ever renting busses again.

It was also the last time Magic and I were allowed to escort winners, out of town, together.

Another trip to Phoenix had no concert payoff. Big Al Jones and I were the escorts on this one in a luxury van we named the "Fan Van" and, halfway to Phoenix, the AC/DC show was canceled.

We called the boss, (Magic), and he said since we already had money, the van, hotel rooms, etc; to just go party in Phoenix for a couple of days. Fine by us.

We and the winners met up with the bands record guy and from then until the drive home, my memory's a little off. Rock n Roll peeps get the best goodies, I'm telling 'ya.

KISS In Concert - Inglewood, CA
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The farthest we ever accompanied anyone was L.A. Johnnie Walker and I escorted some winners to see KISS perform on Halloween during their Psycho Circus tour.

They set up a genuine "Psycho Circus" on the field at Dodger Stadium and broadcast the event live on tv across the country and beyond. It was nuts.

I'm pretty sure a smart ass remark made by Johnnie ... said as loudly as he could of course ... was picked up by the cameras and mics we were right next to and aired.

Since we were actually there, we couldn't watch the tv special so, I'm not sure if they were able to censor it or not.

Monster Energy Supercross - Arlington
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The next longest distance we've gone was when Courtney Nelson and I took winners to Las Vegas for the Supercross finals at Sam Boyd Stadium.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas ... sorry.

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