Success with a dark side.

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Elizabeth Taylor and Lindsay Lohan became famous at the tender age of 10. Before they knew it ... they had reached high Hollywood fame. Taylor making her debut in 1942 in "There's One Born Every Minute" and two years later her breakout role in "National Velvet".








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Lohan began at the age of 3 doing several commercials, appearing in soap opera "Another World" and in 1998 beating thousands of girls for the part in "The Parent Trap".








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After "National velvet", Taylor continued proving her amazing talent as a teen star and making her big hit as an adult in "Father of the Bride". The following year she showed off her mature acting in "A Place in the Sun" and a few years later receiving an Academy Award nomination for best actress four years in a row.






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Lohan after "The Parent Trap" starred in the remake of "Freaky Friday", then "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" (with Megan Fox) and at age 18 showing off a little more in "Meangirls".









Both actresses dealt with parental issues. Taylor having her mother not accept anything less than perfect. Lohan ... well, we all know the Lohan Drama (did ya hear the new one? She has a half-sister, yup!) Taylor while filming "National Velvet" was thrown off a horse and suffered back injuries. Unfortunately, getting addicted to painkillers, that and also the death of her 3rd husband, Mike Todd. She entered the Betty Ford Clinic. Lindsay Lohan, with arrests, DUIs, drug usage and everything else; also entered the Betty Ford Clinic ... several times. (Apparently, that's the place to go.)


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Taylor was married eight times to seven men, starting with Conrad "Nicky" Hilton, when she was just 18. Her second marriage, to Michael Wilding, yielded two sons. Her third husband, Michael Todd, died tragically in a plane crash. She famously cheated on No. 4, Eddie Fisher, with No. 5 (and 6), Richard Burton. Her seventh husband was Sen. John Warner. And No. 8, last of all, was Larry Fortensky, a construction worker she met at the Betty Ford Clinic.




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Lohan has had her share of romances (Aaron Carter and Wilmer Valderrama) and the more public one with DJ Samantha Ronson.







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Taylor being used to the lavish lifestyle was known to be quite the diva on movie sets. On the set of "Cleopatra" (one of the most expensive movies ever made) she was attended on by Queen Elizabeth's personal physician.








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As Lohan apart from being a total diva, is also known to be disliked for her tardies, unprofessionalism and unpreparedness. (I guess she gets that from Marilyn Monroe, because she compares to her too.)







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Each one had a second passion. Taylor: Diamonds! Jewelry ... of course!








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Lindsay's is music. Having launched her music career in 2004 with he own album, which went platnum. Although her singing career is on hold, she recently appeared in the new video for R.E.M.'s "Blue".









With that being said, now we know why Lindsay Lohan pushed to play the legendary Elizabeth Taylor on "Liz & Dick", which premiers tonight. She feels some sort of connection (like the one she has with Marilyn Monroe - unless that's in the past and now its Taylor's turn.) Who knows, unfortunately, she tends to compare herself in the defects of others.

Hopefully, this movie helps her get back on track and move away from that bad-girl image she's gained.