Interesting on the reason they decided to rob Paris Hilton's house ... 5 times!

You may have seen the previews to the movie 'The Bling Ring' which came out on Friday. It is based on actual events about 7 teenagers that decide to break into celebrity homes and take pretty much anything and everything.

Rachel Jungeon Lee (played by Katie Chang) is known to be the ringleader of the group. She received the longest sentence, 2 years in jail after pleading 'no contest' to robbing Audrina Patridge's house. When the whole case was going on, she inquired about Lindsay Lohan's thoughts about her.

Nick Prugo (played by Israel Broussard) was the one to provide the police with most of the details needed to identify and arrest the Bling Ring members. He even confessed to crimes that the police were not aware of. Even though he confessed to the crimes, he still plead 'not guilty' when on trial.

Alexis Neiers (played by Emma Watson) was filming the E! reality series, "Pretty Wild" at the time. During the investigation she plead 'no contest' to the felony charges and served 30 days of the 180 days given to her. She is now writing a tell all book about the experience.

"No one knows the real story behind the Bling Ring. All of the media outlets have gotten the key facts in this case wrong." ~ Alexis

Courtney Leigh Ames (played by Claire Julien) was the last of the group to be charged, she even obtained a lighter sentence than the others due to the lead detective investigating this case. But penalties were added when she wore a necklace she had stolen from Lindsay Lohan to her trial. (Yeah, that was smart!) She took a plea deal - 60 days of community service hours and 3 years probation in February.

Tess Taylor (played by Taissa Farmiga) is the adopted sister of Neiers. She was never charged. In the movie, she was the only person involved to not get caught. Funny thing that Farmiga stated, "My first thought in terms of the group of kids was 'What the hell is wrong with you?' My second thought immediately went to the celebrities that they were presumptuous enough to leave keys under the doormat and windows unlocked. I thought, 'really?'" (One of the reasons they picked Paris Hilton was because they thought she was dumb and when they got there, they found the keys to the house under the mat ... so yeah that proved them right! That's why they robbed her house 5 times.)

Gabby Neiers (played by Georgia Rock) the little sister of Alexis also appeared on the "Pretty Wild" reality series. She was never convicted in any of the crimes, but it was said that she took part in the robbery of Brian Austin Green's house by squeezing through the doggy door to gain entry to the group.

Jonathan Ajar a.k.a Jonnie Dangerous (played by our 2013 Streetfest guest Gavin Rossdale of Bush) Rossdale had a close connection to the Bling Ring before taking the role as the club promoter who helped the teens sell the stolen items for cash and provided them with drugs. The part was a bit odd, since he is friends with actor Orlando Bloom, who was also one of the victims. Ajar, already a felon (and was also dating Ames) was sentenced to 3 years in 2010, but was released in 2011 after pleading 'no contest' to possession of drugs for sale, possession of a firearm and one count of receiving stolen property.

Roy Lopez, Jr. (played by Carlos Miranda), even though in the movie doesn't have a big role, was actually a primary player in the bunch. He was brought in by Courtney whom he worked at a restaurant with. Lopez stole $2 mil. of jewelry from Paris Hilton. He was also given a lighter sentence when his attorney pointed out that the investigating officer was consulting for the film. He received 3 years probation and given time credit for 100 days he had spent in jail during the proceedings.

Although in the movie it is said that there were 6 Bling Ring members, there was actually 7 members. Diana Tamayo, who was elected class president in 2007, a year before she and her friends began their illegal spree. Tamayo, an undocumented immigrant took a plea deal and was given 3 years probation and 60 days community service.

LAPD Det. Brett Goodkin (played by himself) had a close involvement in the movie, which actually landed him in legal trouble, since he was paid $12,500 to serve as Coppola's technical advisor on the film even though some of the cases were still open. Since he didn't have clearance to consult in the movie this caused Tamayo, Lopez and Ames to get lighter sentence (good move genious!)

So there you have it, a little insight on the Bling Ring members. Crazy the things they did and stole and mostly for fame.

Here is the trailer of the film "The Bling Ring". (It looks pretty good to me.)