Obviously the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the dating scene for a lot of places, El Paso included. I got to spend some time in the dating pool in El Paso and it didn't seem very different from any of the other cities I've been single in.

Someone decided to hit up Reddit though and ask what the dating scene is like here in the Sun City. Here is their post:

hello everyone, just a simple question, sorry if this is a bad post mods, please delete it if it is and please don't upvote.

I grew up and lived in El Paso up until 2016 and left for work, traveled, did the whole "life" thing for a while. I managed to find work back in El Paso to come back and live with my family and wanted to ask what the single life was like.

When I was there some time ago, I don't remember how good the dating scene was, I seem to remember it not being so great, though. I'm in my early 30s and wanted to ask your experience on this. I'm not looking to mess around, I am looking to start a life with someone. Any opinions, whether positive or negative, are welcomed.

So, just how is it? Here are some examples of some responses.

I moved away from EP a few years ago and recently returned. Adjusting to life here has taken some time.

Regarding the single scene, from my own experiences, it feels like almost everyone has a child. Finding people who like to do things other than the bar scene every weekend is challenging. Once asked a guy to go with me to a museum and he asked if beer would be served. When I said no, he declined to go, but he was up for the brewery.

Plenty of guys who lie about being married. One told me his ex was a drug addict. Turns out he lied, he was still married and his wife was expecting. I could go on and on.

I'm sure there are good people here. Do what you like to do and just maybe you'll run into that one gem.

Here's another:

Online dating? You're going to have a bad time if you're average looking or below. I never had great luck with women when I lived in El Paso. There's always meetup/social groups and trying to meet someone in a more organic way. With everything happening, it's just not a great time for dating.

I would put some more, but you can click the link above to head on over to Reddit and see for yourself. But the overall synopsis? It seems to be a bit of a nightmare for singles in El Paso.

Let me end with this. GUYS! If any part of your pick up lines has anything to do with sex or your genitals, you're the problem.

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