KLAQ’s Backyard Bash is coming to your house and, along with it, come chances for you to win some cool stuff.

COVID-19 ruined the 2020 concert calendar. Saturday, June 27th, KLAQ brings live concerts back, (sorta), with a "fantasy festival" called the Backyard Bash.

No $12 beers and $20 parking fees at this festival ... just you, your friends, some grillin' and some chilin with live rock from Ozzy, Korn, Godsmack, Green Day, Bush, Volbeat, Weezer, The Pretty Reckless, Seether, Three Days Grace, and Metallica.

Not only will the rock be live, but it will also be commercial-free!

I'll be your host and, except for brief updates from me, the rock will be uninterrupted. It's a "fantasy festival" so come "fantasy backstage" with me for some true stories about the bands...

  • Bush. I first met them years ago in the Coliseum. A young band, just starting out with a strong taste for Red Stripe beer. Years later, at the El Paso Downtown Street Festival, Gavin remembered that first show and commented that during both shows, the crowd was wild ... almost frenzied. "Damn right, I said to him, you're in El Paso Bro."
  • The Pretty Reckless. They did a semi-private performance for us at the KLAQ Haunted House one year, (located then in the strip mall at I-10 and Lee Trevino) back when they were first getting started. They were fascinated by the fact that they were looking across the freeway, into Mexico. Playing through a PA that would have barely served at a backyard bbq, they killed it.
  • Seether. Frontman Shaun Morgan, on one visit, had the coolest knife and sheath on his belt. I like knives too and he let me see it, pointing out the details etched into the blade and handle. It was his good luck piece and, despite issues with airport security and cops and venue rules, etc, he wouldn't travel without it.
  • Metallica. Epic backstage jam sessions. They don't just do a soundcheck to loosen up. They go at it full bore for about 30 minutes before each show. When you see them take the stage, they are primed and ready boy; animals released from their cages.

For more stories, check out part 1 of this feature and, remember, the Backyard Bash is this Saturday from 3 'til midnight. You can't go see any of these bands live just yet so, KLAQ is bringing them to you!

Be sure you send in pics via the KLAQ mobile app of you and your friends partying and rocking for a chance to win prizes like grills, meat, a freezer and more!

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