KLAQ’s Backyard Bash is coming to your house and, along with it, come chances for you to win some cool stuff.

COVID-19 caused all concerts to be canceled. Saturday, June 27th, KLAQ brings live concerts back, (sorta), with a "fantasy festival" called the Backyard Bash. No $12 beers and $20 parking fees at this festival ... just you, your friends, some grillin' and some chilin with live rock from Ozzy, Korn, Godsmack, Green Day, Bush, Volbeat, Weezer, The Pretty Reckless, Seether, Three Days Grace, and Metallica.

Not only will the rock be live, it will also be commercial-free!�� I'll be your host and, except for brief updates from me, the rock will be uninterrupted. It's a "fantasy festival" so come "fantasy backstage" with me for some true stories about the bands...

  • Ozzy. He is a genuinely nice guy. His tour manager had said only one person per photo while meeting with some Q listeners but, Ozzy changed that rule on the spot; insisting that couples not be split up unless they asked for individual pics.
  • Korn. They make the most of meetings with their fans by coming out 1 or 2 at a time to maximize the "one on one" time with their peeps.
  • Godsmack. Bassist Robbie Merrill shares my interest in motocross so, that's usually all we talk about when we see each other. He not only likes it, he actually rides and is pretty good at it.
  • Volbeat. Great guys who are always joking and horsing around, they're fun to hang with and Anthrax fans get a double whammy with guitarist Rob Caggiano.
  • Green Day. They played Tricky Falls and the crowd was so huge, it took forever to get everybody in. Seeing the long line, the band refused to come down and start until everyone was in. To entertain those who had gotten in, they sent their road crew out to play a set of punk cover songs. (They were great, by the way.)

That's it for this one. In part 2, I'll tell you stories about the rest of the Backyard Bash lineup. Don't forget the date, Saturday, June 27th from 3 'til midnight. You can't go see any of these bands live just yet so, KLAQ is bringing them to you!

Be sure you send in pics via the KLAQ mobile app of you and your friends partying and rocking for a chance to win prizes like grills, meat, a freezer and more!

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