Oscar season is officially here! All the nominees are out and now all we do is wait for March 4th for all the celebs to hit the red carpet. It should come as no surprise that I love the Oscars. I consider myself a film buff (reasons I do the Hollywood Buzz). I love films, but of course, my heart belongs to horror, which is why every year I get bummed when there's hardly, if any, horror films nominated for Oscars. I'm sure the Academy knows what they're doing but sometimes I see a horror film and think; "Damn, that one should totally be nominated for an Oscar." But alas, it hardly happens.
This year may be the game changer though, Get Out has been nominated for an Oscar. Now, there are many purists who don't believe Get Out is horror, but to me, that is scary. I thought it was very Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. In honor of Get Out's nomination, I put together some of my favorite past horror Oscar winners to show that horror is totally worthy of being up there with the greats! This is just part one though, part two will be up soon!

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