Alright, so I recently moved from what was once considered the far east side of town in El Paso to what most of my west side friends now consider the Horizon area.

The house I lived at before was walking distance from the post office by George Dieter so dropping off packages was never an issue because it was always on my way to wherever I was going for the day.

Courtesy: Iris Lopez
Courtesy: Iris Lopez

Welp, those days are long gone! Now that I live closer to Horizon City I noticed that if I needed to drop off any packages for delivery my drive to a post office would not be a short one.

Thankfully I have not had to make a trip to the post office since moving here and I’m hoping I won't have to anytime soon because I just realized that there really is no post office close to where I live and it baffled me.

Courtesy: Iris Lopez
Courtesy: Iris Lopez

Horizon Residents Agree That They Need A Post Office:

I wasn’t alone in wondering why Horizon doesn't have a post office. I recently came across a post in a local Horizon City Facebook group page with one person wondering why there isn’t a post office close by:

Horizon city we need a post office in our area. I had to go all the way to George Dieter just for my mail. Way out of my way. We need one in Horizon.”

This man was not alone in his call for the city of Horizon to get their own post office. One person suggested gathering signatures to petition for a Horizon city post office:

Someone should pick up signatures. It's very frustrating especially since they take forever to give you your mail. I’ve waited for over 2 hrs one time and it was very very inconvenient.”

Another person shared their pain and some words of encouragement for the original Facebook poster:

“Took me 1 year to get my mail bruh. It's a pain but what can we do? Standing in line for almost 45 minutes for sometimes not getting mail. We've all been through it just recently. Hang in there.”

Some people want more than just a post office added to the Horizon area:

“Post office and a library would be nice ! Would we have to bring it up to the city council?”

Courtesy: Iris Lopez
Courtesy: Iris Lopez

Other Post Office Options Just Aren’t Ideal:

While some people suggested that we use the Socorro post office because it’s only 5 miles away, others mentioned that their mail would get sent to the post office on George Dieter meaning that they would have to make the nearly 20-minute drive to the post office to pick up any mail or packages.

Horizon City is legit growing overnight and while it is great that our city is growing, I must admit that we still lack a few necessary businesses in our area.

I hope that eventually we can catch up because I am not down to drive 20 minutes to pick up mail that probably could have been left on my doorstep. But that’s just me.

What other new businesses would you like to see in the Horizon area?

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