Every parent knows the struggle of when their kid's insurance expires at the worst times. Not only has that happened to your children but even to you as well.

What makes it worse for some is that it happens around the time people should get their flu shot. Oh, how I remember those same exact medical struggles. Well, if you seemed to have caught yourself in that kind of bind, then worry no more. So if you or your kids don't have any insurance, no problem. The City of El Paso's Department of Public Health has had several locations around El Paso offering free flu shots for families. If you've been wondering if another free flu shot event further East would open up, you're just in luck. If you live in or near the Horizon City area and need your flu shot at no cost, get that arm ready.

Not too long ago the City of El Paso announced that there will be another free flu shot drive-thru event. In order to get your free flu shot the drive-thru event will be held on Friday, November 20.

You can get your free flu shot at the Horizon Fire Department at 14151 Nunda Ave. They will be giving free flu shots to everyone from 6 months old and up. You don't need an appointment and can arrive between 1 pm to 7 pm.

The good thing about that time slot is it helps out parents who get out of work after 5 pm.

If you would like additional locations that are closer to your area you can find them at BePowerFlu.com. Don't forget to print and fill out the questionnaire to take with you when you go for your free flu shot.

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