Hopefully, we don't have any crazy altercations at the bowl game tomorrow! Usually, alcohol plays a part in fights that occur like above at the bowl game years ago.

Utep 4321 published this video years ago on a verbal argument that was going on during the game.  Some people let words get the best of them that can go from verbal to physical real quick. The worst part is how the alcohol in your system gives you more liquid courage to do something outrageously dumb. Like the people above are yelling out to keep watching the game and a couple who keep trying to start beef. We don't know exactly why they're fighting but hopefully, if you come across something like this, just ignore it. Some think it's the wussy way out but in reality, it's avoiding trouble like being thrown in the back of a cop car or worse.

Hopefully this year we have a clean game with no fights but take the poll below if you think otherwise.

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