During the holidays we always remember our loved ones but always forget the less fortunate.

The holidays aren't so cheerful for some who are less fortunate in the borderland, but it sure is easy to bring them some holiday cheer!

Sometimes a simple cheeseburger can really do it for the less fortunate. In fact, there's a homeless man who's known as the man who dreams of cheeseburgers.

I had always heard about a mysterious "Dreaming of a Cheeseburger" homeless man but never seen him. Until a woman recently shared a picture with the foodie group on Facebook that put my long-time curiosity to rest. That young woman was off Southbound 375 exit of Zaragoza Road and wanted to help a homeless man's dream come true.

The way my friends had described him was like Pinocchio's creator Mister Geppetto who stole Pinocchio's hat. Not only does he fit the description my friends had shared but his sign was the dead giveaway.

Some people take things we're lucky to have for granted and don't realize the struggles others go through. For example, someone who should feel blessed for a guaranteed meal while another is praying not to go to bed hungry. The holidays shouldn't be the only time we help out the less fortunate in our community, but now not only are the homeless individuals struggling but so are those with a roof over their head.

The man with his cheeseburger sign usually hangs around that area on Zaragoza Road if you want to buy him a burger.

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