Remember the homeless man who was gifted a pair of boots last month?  He's gotten a little greedy.  The photo of the cop giving the homeless man a pair of boots went viral after the tourist who took it posted it on the NYPD Facebook page.  Lawrence Deprimo, a 25-year-old NYPD officer, was patrolling Times Square when he saw 54-year-old Jeffrey Hillman sitting barefoot in the 36 degree weather.  Lawrence went and paid $75 for a pair of boots for Jeffrey, and an Arizona tourist took a picture of Lawrence giving the boots to Jeffrey.  She then posted it on the NYPD Facebook page where it has received more than 600,000 likes.

Now the twist in the story.  We all thought this was a great story about compassion.  Well, Jeffrey doesn't think so.  He says he's grateful to the officer and wishes there were more people like him in the world.  He is not wearing the boots and is still going shoeless.  He says quote "Those shoes are hidden.  They are worth a lot of money.  I could lose my life."  He also says he feels exploited.   Quote "I was put on YouTube, I was put everything without permission.  What do I get?  This went around the world and I want a piece of the pie."

Alrighty then!  I am torn about all this.  He was given a beautiful gift by a man who sees this all over the city and doesn't have to do a damn thing about it.  He spends quite a bit of his own money to do it.  I can understand why Jeffrey would be afraid to wear the boots, someone could harm him to take them.  Why should Jeffrey receive more than the officer?  The officer is not asking for anything.  He shyly came forward after the photo was posted.  No one would have known what he did out of the kindness of his heart if that tourist hadn't been there.  He keeps the receipt for the boots in his bullet proof vest as a reminder of what's out there.  Who deserves more?