Want to find cool, "gender-neutral" Valentines Day gifts?  Keep reading...

This started as a list of stuff that I, (and, probably, most other guys too), would like to get as Valentine's Day gifts. It works both ways though as these places also stock great stuff for the ladies!!

Here are my top 5 places to go for the cool, his 'n hers stuff:

  • Barnett Harley Davidson. Bikes yeah but, they also have cool and even sexy clothing. (Like leather chaps. Which can be worn all by themselves... just sayin'.)
  • Ink Society. Tattoos are cool, unique and way sexy. Matching ones are romantic too and Ink Society is now offering specials on those!
  • Hero Music. Get that special somebody a new axe and then let them give you a "private" concert. (If they suck, don't worry ... it'll look great hanging on the wall.)
  • Ready To Dye Salon.  Everybody, male and female, likes to look good right?  Do a "spa" day together, then go somewhere alone and "admire" each others new look!
  • Johnson Jewelers. Rings, necklaces, watches, cuff links, etc! A little traditional but, if you're so hard up for ideas that you're taking my advice, you need flashy!!

You're welcome!

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