I know were a rock station but couldn't help but enjoy this song that is a mixture of music! I think it is safe to assume the $uicideBoy$ enjoy listening to Metallica because of their song. This hip-hop duo enjoyed "Wherever I May Roam" so much they borrowed the 25-second intro for their own track. That track happens to be called "Germantown" and uses the 25-second intro for a song that's under four minutes. I have heard of these guys from friends and didn't get into them until I heard the song above. A lot of listeners who are Metallica and $uicideboy$ fans were thrilled when "Germantown" was released. I really enjoyed listening to this song that the $ucideBoy$ did which included a piece of Metallica. The only difference is Metallica used their instruments to keep the beat of the intro going. While the $uicideBoy$ used the intro for their entire song.