Who needs a Mansion Party when you can chill high above the west Texas desert?

The highest house in Texas offers stunning views of the desert southwest, an awesome look at El Paso and Juarez and can be yours for whatever type of gathering you have in mind.

The Hueco Mountains span New Mexico and Texas, with the Texas portion sitting about 30 miles east of El Paso. The highest point in the range is Cerro Alto Mountain which rises to 6,787 feet.

The highest house in Texas isn't quite that high but it's up there, actually sitting higher than its name implies.

The Mile High Hacienda is 5,700 feet above the desert floor, beating a mile by over 400 feet. (1 mile = 5,280)  If you want a place to party, you could do worse than this place.

Atop the Hueco Mountains at almost 5,700 feet, Mile High Hacienda, is the highest house in Texas. With a 360 degree view encompassing two countries and three states, you'll experience legendary southwest sunsets, and a breathtaking nighttime view of the of El Paso-Juarez metroplex. - milehighhacienda.com

You can check out a few pics on their website or their Facebook page but these videos really show the Hacienda off.

With 6,500 square feet of usable space, Mile High Hacienda includes 5 bedrooms, two large event rooms, a beautiful sunset deck, commericial kitchen and two large outdoor patios suitable for functions up to 40 people. -  milehighhacienda.com

If you're interested, you can call Donna at (915) 497-7444 or CJ at (575) 233 - 4628. Email works too - donna@milehighhacienda.com

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