Sydney Spies, an 18-year-old Colorado teenager, had her Senior portrait banned by the five student editors of her senior yearbook. It was a little too sexy in their opinion.

Posing in a yellow skirt with a bare midriff and shoulders, Spies feels the editors are impeding on her freedom of expression. The photo above on the left is the photo in question and the photo on the right is from Sydney’s personal Facebook page.

“We are an award-winning yearbook,” said student editor Brian Jaramillo. “We don’t want to diminish the quality with something that can be seen as unprofessional.” Spoken like true yearbook dorks.

The Durango School District, which oversees the high school, issued the following statement to

The editors of Durango High School’s yearbook informed a senior student in December that her photo in question would not be included as a senior portrait in the yearbook and asked her to submit a replacement. Durango School District 9-R’s administration supports this decision.

Spies is meeting with a civil lawyer to review the case and decide whether or not to file a lawsuit.

Are we allowed to vote for the second photo be put into the yearbook instead? Oh this isn’t a vote? Well it should be! They’ll be hearing from our lawyers as well.

[via Yahoo]

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