You may think the hot months would be the time men would be looking for some summer loving, but winter is when guys find women most attractive. While the summer months are filled with skimpy outfits and outdoor activities, the winter weather is when people bundle up to stay warm. There's plenty of eye candy all around during the summer, but the real attraction is happening in the winter. According to a 2008 study, men actually find women more attractive in the winter months. While the information may confuse you, it does make sense.

During the winter months, men are more attracted to women because of the way their bodies are covered to deal with the winter cold. The allure of wondering what's being hidden under all those layers makes women more desirable to the opposite sex. So next time you're looking for an outfit to entice a potential lover, throw on a sweater and scarf under that jacket and watch as he tries to decipher what you have going on under all those layers.

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