Technologically challenged? There is a way you can register for the COVID-19 vaccine by phone for the UMC vaccination site. Here's how to find out if you qualify.

For weeks El Pasoans have been struggling to register online through the UMC COVID-19 vaccine website to get one of the elusive spots. Many have waited by their computers Fridays, Saturdays, and sometimes Sundays around noon to see  on social media the announcement that the vaccine registration is now open and only the lucky few thousand are able to get a spot.

UMC has been criticized for this registration process, since the elderly who are signing up for the vaccine may not be as tech-savvy as younger El Pasoans. Not to mention those in the older age groups are the most vulnerable to contract Coronavirus. Now, UMC has announced they do have another way for elderly El Pasoans to register by phone.

Local news affiliate KFOX spoke to the CEO of UMC Jacob Cintron who revealed the hospital does reserve about a thousand spots for people who need to register by phone. The number to call and register isn't posted on their social media sites on purpose, so the number can be used for those individuals 75 and up who need to register by the phone.

People who want to register by phone must be 75 years of age and up and can email to be put on the hospital's patient database to receive a phone call. For more information, please visit the KFOX News article.

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