Hiking trails are open and El Pasoans are heading out on summer hikes with their pooch. Here's how to keep your dog safe in the El Paso heat. El Paso is named the Sun City for all the beautiful, sunshine-filled days we are lucky enough to get year-round and many residents take full advantage of the amazing weather. Most evenings and weekends, you can find people out riding their bikes, running, playing sports, or hiking through the great outdoors. When enjoying these activities, those moments are always made better by the presence of your pooch right by your side. But when it gets hot in the summer, we can feel it, and so can your dog. You have to make sure you're protecting your dog's health and not putting them in a dangerous situation due to the heat.

It's easy for a dog to get overheated, become dehydrated, or burn its paws on hot surfaces during the summertime heat during the day. It's important for owners to know the signs in case of an emergency, so they can get their animal help as soon as possible, so one of these emergencies turn deadly. Scroll through the list below and learn some of the warning signs for heat stroke, dehydration, how to prevent burned paws, deal with rattlesnake bites, what gear you should bring on your outdoor adventure, and how to handle with an emergency situation. Hopefully, some of these tips can help you calmly handle a serious situation if one, unfortunately, arrives while your hiking with your dog. Who knows, one of these tips could save your four-legged best friend's life.

How To Keep Your Dog Safe Hiking In The Summer Heat

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