An astounding number of El Paso Tattoo shops stepped up and are having special El Paso Tattoos with proceeds going to the shooting victims. Here are the designs. The community has been rallying behind the victims of the El Paso Walmart shooting and finding ways they can help however they can. From restaurants, t-shirt printers, yoga teachers, gyms, bars, churches, community organizations and more we are doing our part to help the victims.

One group of local businesses coming together to help support the victims are local tattoo shops. Now, we're seeing the designs the individual artists and shops have come up with for you to choose from. We've compiled the social media posts for you to see what designs are available and what shops will have what designs. To find out what days and the prices for each of these shops, click here.

West Texas Tattoo

Aspired Vision

Dapper Ink

Crimson Veil Tattoo

@carlos.sobek Instagram

Ink Society

Instagram User Lilalex915

Golden Goose Tattoo

Golden Goose Tattoo
Golden Goose Tattoo