Do you remember the local band Communion? Well if you do, you need to help this person find their album!

Over on Reddit, one El Pasoan is hoping someone out there can help them out. Reddit user Texasbigga knows it might be a long shot but still took a chance to ask if anyone who remembers this local band can hook him up with their album that he used to have but lost in a car accident. Here's what they wrote on Reddit:

Whoa, talk about blast from the past! Does anyone even remember cassettes?

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El Paso has had many great local bands, and has so many great venues that I'm sure somewhere out there, someone knows exactly what this person is talking about and can totally hook him up with that album he loved!

I know I'll definitely ask around this radio station, there's a few of our workers who were in bands and have to know someone who knows someone, right?

Someone did respond telling him that he could start by asking around places like The Living Room, Monarch Bar or by simply asking Joe Dorgan, who we all know is kind of like the king of the El Paso Music scene. Texasbigga replied that the band Communion was kind of like "Anything Box-ish" if that helps.

This is the season of perpetual hope and El Paso has a great way of coming together, so let's all band together and help this fellow music lover out! If you happen to know what Texasbigga is talking about, reach out to him on Reddit!


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